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Sanitization and processing remain as prominent forces in the food industry today. When selecting a pump to either maintain or optimize your facility, it is important to choose a system that was engineered with innovation and quality at the forefront. Whether you need a Fristam sanitary pump or a Fristam stainless-steel pump, allow us to make the process both simple and efficient.

Reasons to Choose Fristam Pumps

Fristam pumps consider the interaction of the pump plus its entire system, making it optimized for seamless use. Additionally, they are composed of quality materials that are designed specifically for the intended application.

For example, Fristam stainless-steel pumps are ideal because they promote hygienic operation for both chemical- and water-related applications. With their dependable performance, you can feel confident that your Fristam pumps are among the best in the industry.

Shop Our Line of Fristam Stainless-Steel Pumps and More

Allow us to be your Fristam pump distributor. Our selection of Fristam sanitary pumps includes FDS twin screw pumps, FM high-pressure pumps, FPX centrifugal pumps, and more. The characteristics of each pump vary, so you can browse our selection to find one that suits your needs.

Whether you are looking for something that has low maintenance, suction capabilities, easy assembly, self-draining, or other key aspects, the line of pumps from Fristam is versatile enough to satisfy the needs of your project.

Multi-Faceted Pumps

Our line of Fristam pumps serves a variety of needs. Some products come in multiple models that can be customized to fit different industries. For example, the FL2 PD pump can be used in pharmaceuticals for product handling and drainability in a sterile manner. It can also be used in the food industry for items that require temperature control, such as sugar, cooking oil, chocolate and more.

OSC Process Systems Is Equipped to Help

OCS Process Systems has been serving customers in the food industry for over 115 years. Regardless of the stage your company is in, OCS is equipped to help. We aim to serve customers who are looking for ways to expand and increase efficiencies. Additionally, our team is always happy to serve those looking to maintain and service existing systems.

We actively serve various industries with our sanitary systems. From food production to pharmaceuticals, we can support a variety of needs. Our products are often used in the following sectors:

  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Beverage
  • Brewery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Natural products

Reasons to Work with OCS Process Systems

OCS Process Systems uses the highest quality components that are supported by dedicated customer service. Additionally, we focus on continuous improvements that are designed to keep your systems working as efficiently as possible.

From innovation to excellent customer service, we are here to serve your needs. Benefits of choosing OCS as your Fristam pump distributor include the following:

Our Morals and Values

We are committed to remaining ethically and morally observant in our decisions and relationships. Additionally, our team possesses values that we hope will align with your expectations for a Fristam pump distributor. The following describe our values:

  • Safety – Properly engineered solutions lead to safer operations
  • Engineered solutions – New processes and existing operations keep our ideas fresh and current
  • Customer satisfaction – Our solutions and expertise are designed to meet your expectations
  • Quality and service – Quality parts and equipment backed by preventative maintenance

Contact Us Today to Be Your Fristam Pump Distributor!

At OCS Process Systems, we are equipped to be your Fristam pump distributor. With Fristam pumps, it is possible to achieve a versatile solution that works seamlessly with the rest of your equipment.

Contact us today and discover how Fristam stainless-steel pumps and more can be an asset to your productivity and overall process management.

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