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FL2 PD Pump: Gentle Product Handling

The Fristam FL2 positive displacement pump handles products gently and efficiently and is completely CIP’able. Fristam’s FL2 Series pumps use a proven design to provide gentle product handling, ease of maintenance, complete cleanability, and high efficiencies. The FL2 Series’ seals are extremely simple and compact. Their unique design locks both the stationary and rotary seals in place. No pins or setscrews are required. The pump’s components are designed to fit one way only—the right way—for easy and correct installation. The FL2 uses a variety of innovations to overcome typical positive pump challenges. These innovations include: a low-slip bi-wing rotor that maintains efficiency even on low viscosity products or when trimmed for high temperature; simple timing to reduce maintenance and minimize the potential for rotor-to-rotor contact; an easy-to-assemble pinless seal and universal mounting, making the pump entirely self-draining.

A pharmaceutical version is available to meet specific needs regarding sterility, gentle product handling and drainability. Fristam provides jacketed pump housings for most FL2 models. The jacketed pump housing is designed for products that require temperature control such as sugars, cooking oils, chocolate, HFCS and brewer’s yeast.

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