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Fristam Powder Mixer

Fristam’s Powder Mixer provides quick, high performance blending of dry and wet ingredients into a fluid stream. Its high shear rates reduce shear times and ensure consistent product results. Additionally, the Powder Mixer saves time by reducing recirculation requirements. This new and efficient mixing method pulls a relatively constant amount of vacuum and maintains performance even as product viscosity increases.

It dramatically reduces process times, produces consistent batches, devours lumps, clumps, and fisheyes, cleans in place, eliminates ladder climbing, and is fully customizable.

Fristam Powder Mixers are specifically designed for dissolving, emulsifying, and homogenizing dry and wet ingredients into fluids. They achieve perfect, homogeneous and smooth textures, are hygienic, extremely efficient and economical.

The Powder Mixer can be used in various industrial applications that require homogeneous mixtures and batch-to-batch repeatability. When combined with the FS Shear Blender, it baked goods, dairy products, cosmetics, condiments, foods, minerals and vitamins, pharmaceuticals, non-alcoholic beverages, and tomato products.


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