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OCS Process Systems offers a full line of process control instrumentation from the manufacturer below along with many others (not listed) to meet all of your processing needs. Please contact your OCS representative for a quotation or to review your application.

We also have controls engineers on staff to help you with your programming needs!

Our Anderson-Negele Process Instrumentation Products

Anderson-Negele is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation products for processors of food, beverage, and life science products. Their mission is to provide the best hygienic instrumentation solutions for processors in the aforementioned fields. Our line of process control instrumentation from Anderson-Negel includes:

Level Sensors

At OCS, we offer a range of level sensors, which are key to the instrumentation process. Whether you require probes that are designed to withstand temperature swings or to measure in shallow-level control applications, we’re sure to have the level sensors that you need. Looking for of a level monitor with an 8-channel system? We’ve got that too.

Temperature Sensors and Retort Controls

Anderson-Negele RTD’s and temperature transmitters distinguish themselves in the processing industry with their application-specific designs.

Both the SA CT electronic temperature sensor RTD and the SW/CT electronic temperature sensor RTD’s and transmitters feature stainless steel construction and modular components. This means that the RTD elements, wiring heads, transmitter modules, and digital displays can each be individually selected to create the ideal configuration for any instrumentation and controlling application.

In addition, we offer the FH digital temperature gauge switch, and the FJ life sciences digital temperature gauge switch. Designed specifically for the life sciences industry, the FJ life sciences gauge switch is equipped with the ability to perform remote recording and mounting. With resolution to the tenth of a degree, the gauge switch can also be battery operated.

Additional temperature sensors offer functions like redundant temperature elements that provide continuous error checking, and a backup system so that your system can continue to run in an emergency.

Whether you’re in need of process control instrumentation designed for the life sciences, food, or beverage industries, our selection of temperature sensors and retort controls is sure to provide the right fit for you.

Pressure Sensors for Instrumentation and Controlling

At OCS, we supply a wide range of instruments to measure pressure. We understand that a key component of process instrumentation lies in pressure sensing, and Anderson-Negele pressure sensors are equipped with a stainless-steel diaphragm that is overload resistant and offers precise measurement of gases and fluids to meet your company’s needs.

Flow Monitors

We offer flow monitors with three different measurement principles to give you reliable solutions to monitor your processes. Choose from the following measuring principles when browsing flow monitors:

  • Magnetic-inductive
  • Ultrasonic
  • Calorimetric

Be sure to check out the product specs on each of our flow monitors when browsing process control instrumentation for your process.

Instrumentation and Controlling Equipment

Choose from a complete line of controllers and recorders – from basic single-loop recorders to advanced process recorders, we have the control equipment that suits your needs.

Pasteurization Controls

Our selection of Anderson-Negele pasteurization controls will help make sure that your product is compliant with the FDA Pasteurized Milk Ordinance. Find individual components such as the differential pressure switch and digital reference thermometer, or shop the vat pasteurization controls package which includes two dual-element, stainless-steel temperature probes.

Choose OCS Process Systems for Your Process Control Instrumentation

At OCS Process Systems, we’ve served customers in the food industry and other fields for more than 115 years.

We’re a trusted provider of process instrumentation tools, and we value safety, customer satisfaction, quality and service, and engineered solutions above all else. With over 100 years of experience as a process solutions provider, we understand what your company needs and what you require of your equipment.

Contact our team today with questions or help with an order!

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