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Fristam FL3: Transfer and CIP in One PD Pump

Superior performance, transfer and CIP in one pump. The FL3’s unique three-wing rotor design expands the application range of the FL positive displacement pumps. Its helical rotors virtually eliminate pulsation, ensuring gentle product handling as well as allowing higher transfer capacity and effective CIP.

Fristam’s FL3 pumps feature unique helix-shaped tri-wing rotary lobes, providing increased suction capabilities and virtually eliminating pulsation and reducing noise.

They ensure an almost perfectly steady product stream, with exceptionally gentle treatment of your product. The rotor design allows the pump to be run at higher RPM to accommodate higher flow cleaning of the system (CIP). Rotary lobe pump with counter-rotating rotors designed to handle viscous and non-viscous products.

Special three-wing design helical rotors allow safe and gentle product handling and virtually eliminate pulsation. Consequently the pump operates at faster speeds and reduced noise.

The suction capabilities and low pulsation of the Fristam FL3 positive displacement pump have proved ideal in a wide range of applications in the food and drink industries including sour cream, orange juice concentrate, soft cheese, cognac, sparkling wine, liquid sugar, fruit, and cream.


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