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OCS Process Systems Is Your Destination for Tri-Clamp Gaskets and More

OCS offers a wide range of gaskets, including tri-clamp gaskets, metal detectable gaskets, bevel seat gaskets, and manway gaskets. Additionally, we have O-rings and other products made of many standard and specialty materials. Some of the gaskets and materials available are as shown below. Contact your OCS representative for further information.

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All About Tri-Clamp Gaskets and More

Gaskets are widely used seals or grommets that serve the purpose of holding two items together. When you use gaskets, you will recognize that they are molded to fit static applications, unlike seals that are designed to protect two moving parts.

With their versatile uses, gaskets even come in a variety of materials including rubber, plastic, metal, and more. They can also be used in diverse industrial applications, ranging from plumbing to machinery.

Gaskets are known for having a multitude of beneficial qualities. For example, gaskets often have good flexibility, low density, high tensile strength, resistance to chemicals, and durability. Gaskets can also protect against corrosion, making them ideal for applications that are under intense conditions.

Specific Types of Gaskets, Made for Your Application

To fit the most applications possible, we provide diverse gasket options, including tri-clamp gaskets, metal detectable gaskets, and bevel seat gaskets.

  • Tri-clamp gaskets – Tri-clamp gaskets are used to create a leak-proof seal between tri-clamp flanges and more. They are often designed to be FDA or USP Class VI Tested, making them ideal for any industry where sanitary standards need to be met. The tri-clamp design also encourages hygiene as it facilitates easy cleaning.
  • Metal detectable gasket – Metal detectable gaskets are infused with stainless-steel particles, which means that they can be easily distinguished by different forms of metal detection equipment. These products feature resistance to steam, heat, and highly concentrated acid, making them well suited for harsh conditions in a variety of industries.
  • Bevel seat gasket – Bevel seat gaskets use a threaded connection to create sanitary seals in industries like food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and more. Additionally, they are made out of a variety of materials, making them ideal for any of your high-temperature applications and needs.

Considerations Before Choosing a Gasket

If there is a part of your project or machine that needs sealing but stays stagnant, it is probably a candidate for a gasket. When selecting a gasket, there are a variety of considerations that need to be kept in mind.

  • Materials – The specifications and conditions of the project will heavily impact the material used to optimize the design of your gasket.
  • Regulations – If you need your gasket to meet any regulations that are set by the rest of your system, be sure to consider this as you order for your project. Having these dimensions properly measured will encourage function and fluid motion with the rest of the system.
  • Shape – Since gaskets are designed to fill gaps that are formed by two objects, it is important to get the proper dimensions for diameter and thickness to ensure smooth processes.
  • Variables – The amount of force that will be applied, the fluids that are present, the compressibility of gasket material, and the tendency of the object to age with time will all need to be taken into account.

Regardless of whether you are using tri-clamp gaskets, metal detectable gaskets, or bevel seat gaskets, they will need to be maintained. You will find that the overall time between replacements and quick fixes varies. This is dependent on the amount of exposure to the following factors: sunlight, extreme temperatures, weather, dirt, and debris.

We Are a Reliable Supplier for Gaskets

At OCS Process Systems, we pride ourselves on having provided customers with superior products and services for over 115 years. In that time, we have been trusted to supply solutions in the food, dairy, beverage, chemical, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries, serving companies who are looking to expand, increase efficiencies, or maintain their systems.

Additionally, our team provides design, engineering, fabrication, installation, on-site service, and more. Discover how our values of safety, engineered solutions, customer satisfaction, quality, and service can be of assistance as you install metal detectable gaskets and more into your applications.

Contact OCS Process Systems for Metal Detectable Gaskets, Bevel Seat Gaskets and More!

By incorporating our bevel seat gaskets and other products into your applications, you can expect to see improvements in the functionality of your equipment.

Allow our team to be of assistance as you shop gaskets and other units on our site. If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to our team today.

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