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Customized Components and Systems

Customized Fabrication

With over 100 years of experience in the processing industry, OCS Process Systems has the vast experience to offer custom fabrication solutions for almost any application. Whether you need a part that is no longer available or a unique solution to a plant process, our skilled fabricators are ready to help.

We also provide modular design and fabrication to help you control cost and ensure quality. The design and fabrication of large systems in smaller “modules” allows for more control over every aspect of production and quality. With Modular fabrication, OCS will provide pre-installation testing, quick design changes, if necessary, and shorter installation times.

OCS offers complete system and modular pre-assembly and testing, whenever applicable, in our own 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art fabrication shop. We will always meet or exceed the most stringent applicable government and industry standards.

OCS Specialized Fabrication Services

We offer specialized Fabrication including Water Jet cutting services for a wide range of industry demands. Our State-Of-The-Art Cutting capabilities allow us to cut material 4x faster than conventional flat stock cutting with strict tolerances up to +/- 0.010”. There is no heat involved which allows consistent tolerance layer-to-layer. We work with your CAD drawings or our engineering team can work with you to design a drawing for your individual needs. Examples of some of the capabilities:

  • Flow Panels
  • Powder Blender Carts
  • Pump Carts
  • Pump Bases
  • Wall Plates
  • Electrical Panel Cutouts
  • Manifolds
  • Marketing Tools
  • Industrial Grating
  • Wall Panels and Drain Covers
  • Conveyor Parts, Side Rails

OCS Process Systems CIP Cart designed SPECIAL for Breweries

We love it when customers come to us with special requests! That's just what happened when a local brewery asked us to work with them to design this special CIP cart. Our expert Sales and Engineering team worked alongside the customer to find out exactly what their needs were and we not only met, but exceeded them! This beautiful cart can be conveniently moved thru the plant for easy storage and brought back out to the floor when it's time to clean.

These carts can be fully customizable to meet all of your processing needs.

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