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From Consultation To Complete Project Integration

OCS will help you control costs, save time and improve efficiency through experienced, practical and inventive engineering. We’ve proven it a thousand times. Whether you need the design or re-design of a process system or specifications for the right piece of equipment, OCS engineering will make it work for you.

Like the food processing system that had to integrate 23 ingredients for 130 different products and flow in practically every direction. OCS engineers designed a new process system from the ground up and developed an innovative flow panel using a system of flow and proximity sensors to provide precise flow verification.

Beginning with systems designed to your needs and on-time successful start-ups we provide your best value in fluid process systems.

And it doesn’t stop there, we will support your systems with parts and maintenance/service for the life of the process. Anything from small systems to completely automated processes we will be there all the way 24/7/365.

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