Pentair Visits OCS for Sales Training with Haffmans “Gehaltebus”

//Pentair Visits OCS for Sales Training with Haffmans “Gehaltebus”

Pentair Visits OCS for Sales Training with Haffmans “Gehaltebus”

During our recent Sales Meeting, Pentair/Sudmo came in for some training with their Haffman Equipment and will be traveling the country meeting with Breweries showing off their Beverage Testing Equipment on the new mobile Gehaultebus! Our own Chris Yeager is hitting the road to promote and support this equipment to the Breweries throughout Ohio and the surrounding areas.

This equipment is primarily Quality Control Equipment for the Beverage Industry (not limited to the Breweries). For most beverages, consistency must meet a specification. This is the KEY. To ensure this takes place, each step of process should be controlled, starting with the arrival of materials, throughout production to the analysis of the samples taken randomly among the bottles or cans produced.

We are supplying our customers with all the equipment to handle these requirements from CO2 and O2 measurement to Foam Management and much more!

It’s exciting for us to be able to offer customers something new and innovative! CHEERS!

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