Fristam FKL “A”

//Fristam FKL “A”

Fristam FKL “A”

A History of Innovation

Fristam has been designing and manufacturing positive displacement pumps for over 50 years. In 1995, Fristam introduced the FKL, the first close-clearance PD pump designed for true CIP.

True CIP
Nothing needs to be removed from the pump for CIP. The cover and rotors remain in place, saving processors time.

Strong and Dependable
The FKL’s large diameter shaft, balanced rotors, and heavy duty gearbox ensure that it is the most durable sanitary positive displacement pump available. It is rated for up to 500 PSI standard.

Improving a Proven Design

New Cleaner Exterior
A new rounded exterior provides a sleek look and maximum cleanability. An ultra-clean stainless steel gearbox is optional for difficult environments.

New Easy Gearbox Maintenance

Its revolutionary split-style gearbox provides quick and easy access to bearings and shafts.

Drop-in Replacement
The new FKL’s port-to-port dimensions match existing FKL pumps and can be customized for easy replacement of other PD pumps.

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