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TUS Tote Unloading System

The Murzan TUS (Tote Unloading System) has been successfully used for over thirty years in unloading highly viscous products from totes and bins. These 300-gallon totes can be made of wood, plastic, or cardboard. Capacities up to 35 gallons per minute may be achieved, depending on the specific gravity, viscosity and consistency of the product and the total dynamic head (TDH) of the system.

The TUS is operated through a PLC (programmable logic controller), with electro-pneumatic controls, contained in a NEMA 4X panel. The operation of the system is very simple. With the tote or bin in place, the compressed air in the bottom of the cylinders is released, and the pumps are lowered into the bin. As the product is pumped out of the container, the pumps and base plate float down with the level of the product remaining in the container. Once the container is empty, air is directed back into the bottom of the air cylinders and the pumps are lifted out.


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