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Pasteurizer BF

Tetra Pak® Pasteurizer BF is a processing unit for highly efficient, continuous temperature treatment of beverage products. The unit is of aseptic or hot-fill design and uses a tubular or plate heat exchanger for indirect heating to obtain a product that can be stored at ambient temperatures.

Tetra Pak Pasteurizer BF is suitable for beverage products such as juices, nectars, still drinks or juice drinks, isotonic beverages, tomato juice, smoothie​s, energy drinks, milk-juice beverages, and sensitive carbonated soft drinks with or without fibers and particles.

Features include booster pumps for ensured food safety, a divert system that monitors pasteurization temperature, automatic hibernation that minimizes energy consumption,, a low-loss balance tank, and an automation solution with an operator panel that increases efficiency and safety.

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