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Pasteurizer BC

Tetra Pak® Pasteurizer BC is a processing unit that combines smarter and​ smoother temperature treatment of beverage products with uncompromising hygiene and safety.

The unit comes in aseptic or hot fill designs and contains a plate heat exchanger that indirectly heats a product to enable ambient temperature storage. Models are available for processing beverages such as fruit juices, still drinks and nectars for filling in aseptic cartons and aseptic or hot-filled PET bottles. Tetra Pak Pasteurizer BC is an affordable version of the premium pasteurizer that is designed to meet our customers’ needs today and easily upgradable to meet the needs for tomorrow.

Features include booster pumps for ensured food safety, a divert system that monitors pasteurization temperature, automatic hibernation that minimizes energy consumption, a low-loss balance tank, and an automation solution with operator panel for increased efficiency and safety.

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