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OptHaze i

The Haffmans In-line Turbidity Meter OptHaze-i measures the scattered light caused by particles and incorporated the latest standards from MEBAK (Mitteleuropäische Brautechnische Analysekommission).

The OptHaze-i is designed for simultaneous measurement of 90º and 25º turbidity. The user-friendly control unit can be supplied in either field or panel mounted versions and up to two turbidity sensors can be connected to each control unit.

The In-line Turbidity Meter can be installed anywhere in the process where the determination of turbidity is critical to the quality of the beverage. The turbidity sensor is constructed in accordance with the CE hygienic directive and EHEDG design recommendations. It is easily mounted in a Varivent® process connection and executed as a smart sensor, ready to use, calibrated in a range of 0 to 20 EBC. 


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