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Model PO-50

The Murzan PO-50 Poultry Pump is the only sanitary diaphragm pump specifically designed with the needs of the poultry industry in mind. This pump can easily handle solids up to 4″ (10 cm) in diameter or 7″ (17 cm) long without damaging the product.

Capacities up to 240 chicken necks per minute in solution may be achieved depending on the concentration of solids and total dynamic head (TDH) of the system.  Rates for smaller solids will be greater subject to the same conditions.

The Murzan PO-50 Poultry Pump reduces water usage for every pound of product processed.  The pump works commonly in two shifts of production and one shift of cleaning at a very low maintenance cost.

The Murzan PO 50 oil free air valve never needs any lubrication. This eliminates the possibility of product or plant environment contamination. Since the pump is air operated, no costly drives or motors are required, and the pump can be used in heavy wash-down areas. It has no mechanical seals or packing to replace, and can be run dry indefinitely without damage.


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