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Flow Diversion Valve

The Non-Slamming Flow Diversion Device interfaces with the legal control systems for HTST operation is now controlled by the IntelliTop 2.0, which uses proximity switches for position detection instead of microswitches. This is more robust and ensures feedback repeatability in demanding process conditions.

The electronic IntelliTop 2.0 control unit provides quick, push-button set-up. This eliminates the opportunity
for human error as in systems with mechanical switches. The control top’s 360 degree beacon provides local indication of the valve position.

The valves’ machined bodies offer a rugged solution with a maintenance-free actuator. The upper seat is made from a durable FDA compliant PEEK material, while the lower seat is a sliding o-ring made from standard FDA compliant seal materials. The rugged upper seat lengthens service life and helps eliminate the need for frequent adjustment, while the radial lower seal allows for easy maintenance.

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