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FD Digital Reference Thermometer

The “DART” Digital Reference Thermometer is the only digital thermometer available today that complies with the applicable provisions of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). With accuracy greater than twice that of mercury-in-glass pasteurization thermometers, the DART assures consistent processing. Unlike conventional thermometers, which must be viewed at the process location, the “DART” display may be located up to 1500 feet from the sensor.

Its dual-element sensor and proprietary comparator circuitry assure fail-safe performance. Self-diagnostics guarantee continued, reliable service and an internal test feature allows for easy verification of accuracy and performance by regulators. The DART not only meets or exceeds the requirements of the PMO, it stands up to the demands of the pasteurization loop.

For Retort applications, the unique features of the DART also meet the requirements of the updated 21 CFR Part 113 document covering the use of Alternative Temperature Indicating Devices (ATID’s). The DARTs’ dual element comparator circuit ensures that readings are never compromised. With the ability to locate the display up to 1500’ from the sensor, Retort process monitoring can easily be performed in the control room.


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