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DUS Drum Unloading System

The Murzan DUS (Drum Unloading System) is the ultimate drum unloading solution for emptying the most viscous materials from various types of containers. The containers can be made of metal, plastic, or fiber.

The Murzan DUS Drum Unloading System utilizes a T-316L stainless steel, sanitary Double-Suction Murzan Diaphragm pump. This pump is mounted on a stainless steel follower plate and is fitted with a food-grade scraper ring, which scrapes the inside of the drum or container as it is emptied.

The system is equipped with two air cylinders, which lift the pump and base out of the drum or container once it is empty. Sanitary casters are installed for portability to allow use in different unloading areas. A NEMA 4X stainless steel control panel is supplied with this unit.

Capacities up to 60 gallons per minute may be achieved, depending on the specific gravity, viscosity, consistency of the product, and the total dynamic head (TDH) of the application.


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