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Automatic Inpack TPO C02 Meter C TPO

Beyond traditional TPO measurement methods and instruments, the c-TPO measures the headspace O2 and DO by the filler, while at the same time the liquid remains in the package and is not consumed by the instrument. Sample preparation time is skipped and lab space is minimized. The c-TPO also supports the well-known z-factor method according to Uhlig. The CO2 content is measured according to Henry’s Law.

The differentiated measurement of headspace 02 and D0 provides immediate insight into the performance of the filling operation. The multiple routine determinations of TPO and C02 are fully automated. Up to 150 different product types/packages can be programmed and easily selected. The instrument is suited for the most common sizes of bottles and cans.

Common industry applications include laboratories and filling departments in breweries and soft drink warehouses.


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