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AE Air Eliminator

The AE air eliminator solves many of the problems associated with air or gas presence in pumped liquids. Line vibration due to 2-phase flow, poor flow meter measurement accuracy, and product quality issues are a few of the more common negative effects of gas presence in a liquid. As the name suggests, the “AE” series Air Eliminator is designed to remove the air or gas present in these product streams.

Designed to be located after the pumping device in a positive pressure line, product enters at a tangent to the wall of the vessel, the resultant force stratifies the incoming product putting the heavier liquid towards the wall with the lighter aerated product separating towards the center. Allowing only the liquid at the outer wall to exit the vessel at the bottom located outlet then completes this separation. When a sufficient quantity of air is collected at the center it is automatically vented at the top of the vessel.

The fully mechanical design means that no additional control boxes or electrical wiring is needed to operate, simplifying installation and reducing long-term ownership cost. Applications for the AE can vary from intake receiving systems where the AE is used to remove air for proper measurement, to the supply of a filling process for improvement of portion control.


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